Recovery courses

Postnatal gymnastics with child in a group

Would you like to feel fit, strong and relaxed again after giving birth? We support you with a balanced and targeted training concept for your abdomen, back and pelvic floor. In addition, you will train at home in a total of 8 course units, two each for beginners, intermediate or advanced, depending on your daily form or your individual needs. During the course, we also explain interesting facts about the anatomical changes before and after birth.

If you bring your child to this course, they will be in the classroom with you during the lesson, watching you or playing, but will not be integrated into the exercises. It is best to bring a small blanket and something for your baby to play with.

The best time to join one of our courses is after 6 – 8 weeks at the earliest. After an abdominal birth, we recommend starting after 8 weeks at the earliest.

The course includes

8 x 75 minutes classroom course

8 exercise cards with one “weekly exercise” each

8 online units for beginners, intermediate and advanced students

The midwife will invoice the attendance hours in accordance with the NRW midwifery fee schedule.

The self-study program includes 8 exercise cards, each showing and describing one exercise in detail, as well as 8 video sequences of increasing difficulty. There is a fee of €40 for this, which must be paid to Neue Kölner eV at the start of the course.

Early registration is recommended.

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