Dear (expectant) parents, grandparents or visitors to the Neue Kölner e.V. Parents’ School, have you already got to know our services or are you currently browsing our homepage and would like to support our services?

We are very happy about that!

We try to provide young families with the best possible support
and to be there for you with all your questions about “becoming a family”.

With your donation, you can support our Baby Blues Outpatient Clinic, for example.
Here, young parents in emotional crises after the birth can get quick and low-threshold help from our psychologist.
It doesn’t matter whether the baby was born at the Klösterchen or whether the family has already attended courses with us.
We want all families to be well!

You can support us in our work with any contribution, even small ones.
We are happy to issue a donation receipt for donations over €50.00.
As we are a non-profit organization, you can of course also use your donation for tax purposes.

Many thanks for your support
Dagmar, Daniela & Heidi from the board