Becoming a family – being a family

Families are colorful and the birth of your child is a unique and overwhelming experience that will change your life.
Pregnancy lasts many weeks, many thoughts are thought and processed. At some point you will be ready and your serenity and confidence can grow. A birth is magical and no two births are the same. The first eye contact is more than a flirtation. Your baby will know how to make you fall in love and your honeymoon as a family can begin.
A life together now lies ahead of you and you have time to get to know each other and find your own way. All family members will now have to find their way, regardless of the family constellation or role. It remains exciting, because everyone’s needs are as different as each individual and a baby develops rapidly and its needs are constantly changing. The baby is constantly discovering new things and developing further, everything is in flux and you gradually find your way into a new everyday life.
Deciding to have (another) child also means being ready to be amazed, to cuddle and to be there for each other. It’s exhilaratingly beautiful and sometimes really exhausting. But how does it all work? What is “best” for us, for me, for my child? Who can be my role model, my guide? As a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister and brother? Who can answer my big and small questions?
We are at your side with our versatile and empathetic team of experts and look forward to it!
There are many and sometimes winding paths, we will help you find yours. We impart valuable and up-to-date knowledge and facilitate an exchange among like-minded people, where you will realize how many paths lead to your goal.
We believe that working together with others makes things easier and simply more fun!
We know that you are excellently equipped to master the new challenges.
We see it as our job to encourage you to believe in your own abilities, to support you when things get tricky and to help you when you need help.