Preparation for birth

Birth preparation for women only

Discussions and information on the topics of pregnancy, birth and the first time with your child should prepare you comprehensively for this new stage of life. Existing fears can be wonderfully reduced.

Birth preparation partly with partner

Our aim is to prepare you comprehensively for the upcoming birth, as well as for the postpartum period and parenthood.

Course complete with partner

The birth of a child is a special kind of challenge. In this course, we would like to prepare you as a team for the birth and the first time as parents.

Weekend courses, with partner

Compact weekend course for couples
On this weekend, you as a couple have the opportunity to prepare intensively and in a relaxed atmosphere for the birth and the first time with your baby.

Compact course at the weekend with a partner and 1 Online session for women only

In this course, we will illustrate the birth process and familiarize ourselves with relaxation aids such as massages and breathing techniques.

Course for women who are already mothers

This is not your first child. You would like to take part in a birth preparation course that is adapted to your situation and takes your changed circumstances into account.

Course day for parents expecting another child

Your family is getting bigger. You have already been able to gain experience around the birth and the first time with child(ren).

Preparation for an abdominal birth (caesarean section)

The birth of a child is magical and always something very special. The right birth preparation is a wonderful starting aid for “being parents”.

Pre-natal acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture influences the flow of the body’s own energies. It can have a pain-relieving, relaxing, harmonizing and stimulating effect.


“You can’t avoid a physiological process. The point is not to hinder it.” (Dr. Michael Odent, 1930)


…. so much more than breast milk ….

The attachment-oriented course – “A safe haven for life”

For most parents, the baby they hold in their arms is the most precious and valuable thing they have ever had the honour of receiving. Naturally, they only want the very best for their child and its development.