Breastfeeding outpatient clinic

This phase can be characterised by breastfeeding problems such as

Pain during breastfeeding
Problems with latching on
Sucking irritation or even refusal to breastfeed by the baby
lack of breast milk
Illnesses of mother or child
an early return to work
can be an additional burden.

You can receive expert advice and help with these problems at the breastfeeding outpatient clinic. It may be possible for your health insurance company to cover part of the costs or reimburse them.
The consultation fee is €37/30 min. You will receive an invoice from the breastfeeding counsellors. In the case of the midwife, part of the fee may be covered by your health insurance.

So that you can make an appointment for an individual breastfeeding consultation as soon as possible, please contact us at

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Please also include your telephone number in your enquiry so that any queries or appointments can be clarified.