If you are not feeling well after the birth

Baby blues Crisis intervention in the postpartum period

Experiencing a crisis after giving birth is not uncommon, but it is individual.For every woman, the time after giving birth is associated with enormous physical and emotional upheaval.The sensations are difficult to describe, but they are all the more palpable. Everyday life seems to be determined by others and the usual daily routine seems to have been overturned. There is hardly any stability, only change.Flooded with moods and feelings, you are also put under pressure by expectations and your own demands.It’s simply too much!

This is where a personal conversation can be helpful. In a confidential setting, women who feel affected by the experiences described have the opportunity and the space to discuss their individual experiences in the Parents’ School.

The first consultation (60 min.) is free of charge and serves as an orientation aid that opens up possible ways out of the crisis. Further counseling appointments can be arranged and billed privately.

Please contact the counsellor directly:


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