Mura Frey-Balke

Qualifikation und Beruf

  • Naturopath
  • Practice for women’s and family health with a focus on hypnosis and holistic hormone counseling
  • Hypnobirthing course instructor
  • Transformative hypnotherapy (including support with the desire to have children, miscarriage and after traumatic births)
  • Spinning babies

Aufgabe bei NK

  • Pre-birth Hypnosis courses

Bei meiner Arbeit wichtig

I am happy to accompany expectant mothers on their way to a joyful, relaxed and self-determined birth and thus create a good basis for relaxed motherhood. It is important to me to give pregnant women a good mindset and helpful methods for the birth and afterwards, as well as to find undogmatic individual ways in which each individual can connect with their own resources and strengthen their confidence – deeply relaxed, no matter what turn the birth process takes.