Musical promotion

“Rattle” band

Our LaLa Club for the little ones and the Kling-Klang Club for the slightly older children teach children to enjoy music in an age-appropriate way and help them develop an awareness of themselves.

Together with you, your child will experience music in all its different facets.
Our lessons include kneeling and finger games, rocking and swaying, listening to music and dancing, as well as first experiences with elementary musical instruments (e.g. rattles, tonewoods).
This supports and promotes auditory perception and the associated language development, as well as a sense of rhythm and balance.

The musical part lasts approx. 30 minutes. This period corresponds to the attention span of the little ones. The remaining time is intended for parents to exchange news with each other and for children to explore their new surroundings.

For reasons of hygiene, each baby is given their own set of instruments.

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