Lingual ligament outpatient clinic

What does this mean in concrete terms?

Examination of your baby’s tongue function
Optimization of your latch-on and breastfeeding situation
Information on treatment options for a shortened tongue tie & their significance
Instructions on specific tongue & body exercises for your baby
Observation of wound healing after surgery (frenotomy) and joint practice of active wound management
Emotional support before, during and after a possible operation
Re-presentation after 2-4 weeks to re-evaluate the success of the therapy
Interdisciplinary collaboration with selected specialists

The initial consultation with breastfeeding support, examination and discussion of the next steps usually lasts approx. 1.5 – 2 hours. A detailed written summary of the consultation is provided.

Costs: 190,00 €

In the case of a confirmed tongue tie shortening and after surgery (frenotomy), our breastfeeding consultant offers an individual aftercare package including consultation, wound check and discussion of the situation.

Costs: 37,- €/ 30 minutes

Please contact us:

Daniela Degen –

Natascha Makoschey –

Please note that health insurance will only cover the costs in selected cases. A personal cover letter has proven to be helpful. Payment in a maximum of three installments is possible by arrangement.