Baby's sleep

Individual sleep advice

Especially when it comes to the topic of baby and toddler sleep, many parents become wide awake again. Our consultant is a mother herself and a sleep coach for babies and toddlers. She knows very well that a permanent lack of sleep can put a heavy strain on family life as a whole.

This is precisely why she would like to give you the opportunity to discuss all your questions and concerns with her individual sleep consultation.

She wants to help you to better understand your baby/toddler’s development and sleep behavior. A loving and needs-oriented approach is the basic prerequisite for dealing with the little ones.

It is very important that you feel understood and in good hands.

When it comes to “sleeping”, there is no one way!

As the causes of these issues are often complex, it is very important to get a comprehensive picture of your situation, followed by a holistic consultation.

Possible questions:

How do I help my child to fall asleep?
Which sleep aids are age-appropriate?
How do I deal with very emotional moments when falling asleep (baby tears)?
What do I do if my child can only fall asleep with a lot of support?
Is it ok if my baby only takes short daytime naps?
Family bed or own bed?
Breastfeeding while falling asleep or not?
What if it doesn’t work at all with dad?
The offer includes

a personal consultation (duration 60 min.)
Further contact after 3-4 weeks by email/phone about any changes that have occurred
comprehensive handout