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Pilates during pregnancy

Movement and physical activity are particularly important during pregnancy, as the spine and pelvic floor are subject to above-average strain even in normal pregnancies. Posture, coordination and breathing are trained during the class, which has a positive effect on both the body and mental balance: Radiance increases, self-confidence is boosted and the relaxing effect helps […]

Back fit for pregnant women

During pregnancy, your physique changes and with it your body’s center of gravity. These natural anatomical changes very often lead to back problems. In this course, the important deep muscles are addressed to adequately support and protect the spine, and special mobilization exercises are learned to get the spine in balance or to keep it […]

M’OM Yoga Prenatal

Yoga is a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as a gentle stretching body workout that is practiced without any pressure to perform. It is ideal for preparing body and mind for the birth, balancing out the stresses and strains of pregnancy and simply doing something good for yourself and your baby. Yoga […]

Fit during pregnancyStep aerobics, BOP, spinning, … Pregnant and what now?

We offer you a targeted fitness and well-being training program that is tailored to your condition during pregnancy. If there are no medical reasons against it, every pregnant woman with a good basic condition can take part in this course up to the birth. The well-being provided by exercise not only strengthens the expectant mother, […]